Rongpleng - ร้องเพลงดอทคอม -

The Approach approaches each student according to their specific needs.

In just one lesson we can quickly assess any issues and prescribe a plan to correct and improve your singing.

Why ?

Experienced & Certified Teachers

All teachers must be certified singing teacher or/and experienced singer and performer.

Unique Tailored Vocal Exercises

All exercises given to students are specially tailored for their vocal problem. They work fast and effectively.

Develop your own style

We don’t like to change your style. We love to learn about your style and make it better using our techniques.

Focus on Vocal Health

We do no harm to singer’s voice. Healthy vocal production makes a great and sustainable singing career.

24/7 Singing lesson at home

We offer variety of lesson platforms. We try to fit your busy schedule.



  • ter
    I had never heard of these singing techniques before. All exercises are specially tailored for me based on my vocal problems. Now I can sing songs that I had never thought of singing them before. When I can easily reach any notes I want, I can really be myself in that song. Thank you kru Film.
  • อภิรมย์ คันธา
    Being a singer is just like being an athlete. Coach plays an important role in developing your strength and discovering your potential. After I sang for Kru Film at the first time, He knew exactly what really were my problems. His technique is effective. I have gained more confindence after having a class with him. My range is now expanding and I can sing a lot better.