Private Lesson - ร้องเพลงดอทคอม - สอนร้องเพลงสดและออนไลน์

Love to sing?

But some notes don’t come out the way you hoped?

Ready to get serious, but you want to learn how to sing the right way from the get-go?

Maybe you have experience singing, but your voice still breaks or strains. You know it’s time to take the next step.

No more putting it off! Book private one-to-one lessons with our certified teachers.

Learn how to maximize your singing with the same cutting-edge techniques the stars use. offers you a supportive environment where you can grow technically and musically…all while having fun.

Excellence, It’s Our Obsession

We’ve scoured the world to find and master the most effective teaching techniques. We want you to get the same level of instruction offered in Hollywood, so we’ve actually gone there to learn it.

We stay current with singing and vocal health research so you know what is effective…and what’s just a myth.

Unique to You

Whether you are a hobby singer or a professional performer, we want to serve your needs. Every lesson is tailored to your voice, your abilities, and your goals!

Sing your Songs

We teach you HOW to sing, then you decide WHAT.

Fun, Safe Space

Why did we get into singing? Because it’s FUN! So let’s enjoy the learning. Our teachers always keep it positive and light.

Flexibility, Our Middle Name

What are you ready for? Take a group class or dive in with private lessons. Book lessons casually or commit to a schedule of weekly/biweekly lessons.

Any Projects?

We’ll get you in shape for that upcoming album recording, live performance, or film scene.

Educational & Performance Opportunities

It’s great you’re learning to sing. But now what? We offer group classes, workshops, and showcases to give you opportunities to grow and network.

Artist Development

Every teacher has performance and recording experience. Some have toured the world singing. So we’re here to support you beyond your singing development, whether that means offering songwriting and performance advice or guiding you to become a singing teacher one day!

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"Your Vocal Success is Our Priority!"