Group Lesson - ร้องเพลงดอทคอม - สอนร้องเพลงสดและออนไลน์

Group Lessons for Adults and Teens.

Would you like to learn to improve your singing voice?
Perhaps you love to sing in the car or shower, but would like to take your skills to the next level.

Maybe you have had some lessons in the past but would like to dust off your vocal cords and get back into the swing of things! frequently hosts 4 week vocal course for adults wishing to improve their technique, develop range, increase power and confidence, hone in on harmony all while having lots of fun with like minded people! Spaces are limited to 2 – 6 per group allowing for attention to detail with every voice.

Each week you will learn a new song and a ton of new techniques and skills. We will focus on various styles and genres ranging from current commercial artists and contemporary classics. We can sneak in some musical theatre and classic rock too depending on what the class desires!

You’ll leave the course with a solid foundation on how the voice works and be fully connected with your own personal and portable instrument…your voice. There will also be the opportunity to take part in our yearly showcases.

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"Your Vocal Success is Our Priority!"