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With IVA Vocal Technique Instructor, Film Thanapat Yartcharoen

Group lessons and workshops are a great opportunity for singers to gain some basic knowledge and skills in a pressure-free setting, in a relatively short time and at an affordable price. Students who are unable to commit to long-term vocal study can still take a lesson, gain a sense of whether or not voice lessons are for them and learn a little something about good singing technique along the way.

I welcome feedback and suggestions. If there is a particular area of interest that you have, please contact me.


In this class, beginning singers with little or no formal voice lesson experience will learn the basics of good, healthy singing technique. Students will learn about vocal anatomy, proper breathing and balanced tone, as well as vocal registers and vocal health. This clinic is ideal for singers in chorus classes at school, church or community choirs, bands of any genre, or anyone who would simply like to improve his or her singing voice. Informational handouts will be provided, and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and to practice skills.

The goal of this brief workshop is to provide a general overview of the voice and to equip beginners with some knowledge and basic vocal skills. Students who are interested in studying more seriously and long-term should consider scheduling private lessons.


This class is intended for students who have already had some formal vocal training or who have attended my Basic Vocal Technique Workshop and have developed a solid grasp of basic technique.

Students will learn about management of breathing to help them make better use of their breath and sustain notes for longer. Balanced tone will be treated in greater depth, including the science of formants and vocal tract shaping, as well as how to eliminate common technical errors. Register breaks will be addressed and techniques to repair them. They will learn how to create evenness throughout the vocal range, or blend the registers. Vibrato may also be discussed if time permits.

As with the Basic Vocal Technique Workshop, students should not expect to perfect their singing skills during a short period of time. However, this lesson will help to address concepts that are common stumbling blocks and/or necessary skills for good singers. Skills will develop in time with the correct application of the technique taught during the lesson, and the information that is shared during these group sessions will prove to be very helpful over time.


In this workshop, students will learn about how to make the right song selections for their voices, how to fully prepare for the audition process, how to present themselves during an audition and how to overcome nervousness and stage fright. Students will also learn some basics about good vocal technique that will help them to stand out above the rest of the crowd.

There will be opportunities for students to discuss specifics about their audition selections (songs) and to practice their auditioning skills through role-play and mock auditions. It is a great opportunity for singers to practice appearing confident and poised while singing in front of others.


If enough interest is expressed in harmony theory using the basics of harmonizing with others for choirs, vocal groups or background singing in bands or recordings. I will schedule a workshop on Harmony and Ear Training. In this future clinic, I will cover basic sight reading skills that will help students visually recognize intervals. Simple tricks to help students accurately identify and sing intervals in relation to other pitches being sung will be taught. The concept of blending voices will also be touched upon.

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